To achieve total customer satisfaction by providing the best quality products and services meeting the expectations of its National and International customer through continual improvement in Quality Management Systems

We shall be innovative in product design and manufacturing techniques to produce products of highest quality.
Our employee shall be trained and developed in such a manner that they acquire necessary skills to perform their task effectively.
Each and every employee shall be responsible towards meeting the quality objective in whatever task they perform.
We shall involve and develop vendors towards meeting our quality objectives.
Our efforts would be so directed to achieve Organizational health, sustained growth and profitability thereby leading to stakeholders satisfaction.


At JSL Industries Ltd. the products are designed by state-of-art and considering quality and reliably. The quality of the products is assured by
Quality assurance plans are prepared for incoming raw material, In-process and final products.
Inspection at sub-contractors ends for sub-contracted items.
Incoming raw material and components inspection
In-process inspection
Routine testing of 100% products as per National and International standards.
Final inspection of the products
Customer inspection / third party inspection as and when required


Rockwell Hardness testing Machine, Make- FIE, 2 Nos.
Compression Spring force testing machine, Make – Avery
Digital coating thickness gauge, Range 0-1500 micron, Make-Action Engineers
Plating thickness testing gauge, Range 0-200 micron, Make- Kiran Electronics
Polddy Hardness tester, Make-IEC
Silicon sheet tester, Make – Gopal Electronics
Dynamic Balancing Machine, Make – ABRO
Hydro tester, Make- Valton
Bench centre, Make – Bombay tools
Pistol gauge, Make Gaugewel
Slip gauge, Make- Richard Knauthe
Shore hardness tester, Make – Hiroshima
Bore Dial gauge, Make- Mitutoyo
Dynamometer, Make – SAI Engineering
Sound level meter, Make LT Lutro